My Tooth Your Love (2022)

My Tooth Your Love (2022)


Jin Xun An, a promising achiever, is as of now the central dental specialist at his dental facility very early in life. Albeit cutthroat and far off by appearance, Jin Xun A has by the by acquired himself the sought after title of being the “Expert Sovereign of Dentistry”. At some point, he is endowed by Bai Qing, one of his seniors, to treat her priceless younger sibling, Bai Lang.

As Bai Lang seats himself before Jin Xun An, he checks out at the man with the cold and merciless look. And keeping in mind that a veil covers the majority of Jin Xuan A’s face, it just aides feature his profound, electric eyes. Bai Lang then hears his delicate and alleviating voice telling him not to be apprehensive. However, promptly, he ends up staggered, his heart palpitating and tracking down a frantic reason to take off. As incidentally, Bai Lang isn’t the main dental patient to attempt to take off from Jin Xun An, however certainly the most inconvenient since Jin Xuan A began his profession.

Other Name: 我的牙想你 / Wo De Ya Xiang Ni / My Tooth Misses You / My Teeth Miss You


Released: Oct. 14, 2022


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