We Got Game (2022)

We Got Game (2022)


Hau is a focused drive-thru eatery staff. Notwithstanding his rushed timetable, he plays b-ball on a public ball court promptly in the first part of the day. He has not partaken in any matches since he was tormented back in secondary school. At some point, a gathering of young fellows powerfully assume control over the public ball court. Incensed by their way of behaving, Bo haphazardly picks Hau, Leung and Tak to shape a group to play against the young fellows. Right away, the gathering of outsiders have positively no science by any stretch of the imagination. Notwithstanding, with their special styles and Bo’s training, they figure out how to overcome their rivals. While they get a pride on the ball court, the threesome each have their own concerns and feel lost when they are off court. Ball is their best way to get away from the real world.

Other Name: 季前賽 / 季前赛 / Ji Qian Sai / Gwai Chin Choi / Pre-Season

Released: Oct. 24, 2022



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