Winter Night (2022)

Winter Night (2022)


A romantic tale rotating around Zheng Da Qian, a worker of a publicizing organization, and Mu Zi Li, an innovative chief.

Zheng Da Qian is a northeastern young lady with a brilliant character. She is a worker of a publicizing organization. She likewise has a thoughtless character and very low close to home confidence. She is by all accounts exceptionally autonomous and solid while working. In any case, as a matter of fact, there was a period that she was disappointed with her vocation and relationship, so she decided to get back to her old neighborhood in Upper east China, so She can invest energy alone to zero in additional on herself. From that point forward, another section of her life has additionally started.

Mu Zi Li is the supervisor of a new business, he is by all accounts nice and hilarious outwardly. He has his own standards and difficult character, as a matter of fact. To safeguard his family, he decided to acknowledge the ongoing business as usual that causes him to feel discouraged with his life. He never expected to meet Zheng Daqian, a northeastern young lady who had a similar issue with him, which is close to home ensnarements, and he was likewise confronted with another decision. Whether to decide to live as expected before or to recover the essentialness brought by the new life. What will he pick?

Other Name: 在你的冬夜里闪耀 / Zai Ni De Dong Ye Li Shan Yao / Shine In Your Winter Night


Released: Oct. 31, 2022



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